Saturday, August 28, 2010

"Awesome Paintings" by Tim (Biskup) & Eric (White) at All Tomorrow's Parties, New York... Great Job!

Eric White & I have been working on this project in secret for quite a while. Suffice it to say we are huge fans & have been for a long time. It's partially a tribute to Tim & Eric and partially our own experiment with the kind of unhinged strangeness and humor that they are capable of. There are surprises... I'll leave it at that.

If you're planning to be at ATP-NY anyway, awesome. See you there. If you're on the fence, jump off & come! It is, hands-down the greatest festival ever.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Vote for the EyeWriter!

My pal Mick is trying to get a grant to make this amazing invention come to life. Please click here and vote for it! Such a great cause!

Here's the lowdown:
The EyeWriter project is a collaborative effort using creativity and technology to empower people who suffer from paralysis. The EyeWriter is low-cost, eye-tracking glasses & free, open-source software that allows writers and artists with paralysis to draw and communicate using only their eyes.