Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Art World Mumbo Jumbo Gets (kinda) Interesting!

Check out editor Tim Griffin's opening letter in the February issue of Art Forum.

If you can stomach the artspeak there are some interesting ideas. The main one that struck me was this quote: "Our greatest possible mistake in art, I suspected, was to think we were so special, or even that we were somehow set apart."

It's interesting to read such candid pondering about the very relevance of the institution of the intellectual art world. It is, however, not intended as an admission and he goes on to long-windedly defend the idea that in order to ponder the question one must blather on about "prisms of networked communities and nonhierarchical corporate management structures" & the need to compare them to "“flexibility, organicism, accessibility, [and] eloquence” of Felix Gonzalez-Torres’s installations".

I like what he has to say about Deitch and MOCA, too. "...it is possible that his appointment merely reflects changes that have already come to pass in museums, and is jarring only on the symbolic level."

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